Shop Policy

【Shop policy】
1. We do not accept any refunds.
2. For transferable items, we will exchange with the same product only if there is a problem with the product. (Please exchanges will be exchanged in the state that the contents are complete.Please be careful because things with only partial contents can not be exchanged)
3. For copiable, non-assignable products, only when there is a problem with the product, we will present information on purchase history, and we will send you the same product when the history matches with us.
4. We will refuse exchange returned goods such as wrong size or color. If you have DEMO items please be sure to try DEMO before purchasing.

5. Regarding gacha goods, we can not do anything such as not getting what you want. Please acknowledge the characteristics of Gacha, please purchase.
6. I do not exchange color or change size of gacha item. I will not reply to such inquiries.

7. For support, support in Japanese is possible. For other languages, please understand that it will be supported using translators.
8. Troubles when using yards do not correspond.